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  • Content Management System
  • Database Integrated Contents
  • Mobile-Compatible Layout
  • Ease to Use Backend Console
  • Multi-Language Support
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Dynamic Features
  • Flashy Effects
  • Enquiry/Booking Forms
  • Domain Registration
  • Website Secured Hosting
  • Corporate Email Accounts
  • Google Analytics Integration
UP TO 10 PAGES £299
UP TO 20 PAGES £349
UP TO 30 PAGES £399
UP TO 40 PAGES £449
UP TO 50 PAGES £499

Paperless Solutions for Wholesalers & Retailers

The Online Sales Management system is an all in one solution for retailers and wholesalers through which they can perform all kinds of operations such as generate paperless invoices, print invoices, send emails, store information, edit information and delete information. They can also conditionally hide data so that the overall look of the system appears neat and does not have unnecessary clutter clouding the space. The online software is built to suit the purposes of each store specifically. The tailoring to the dynamic features ensures that you have all the options that you may require.

24x7 Remote Access

We make sure that you get access to a user-friendly interface that is mobile friendly and gives you no trouble. The responsive features all allow you 24/7 remote access for bookkeeping features no matter where you are. The entire operation makes book-keeping very simple and straightforward. Since everything can be performed online there is no need for physical books to be recorded and kept track of making the entire process very quick and cost effective.

SCREEN, CSV and PDF Based Reports

The online sales management system provide extra features that a manual system does not have. These may include anything from generating SCREEN, CSV and PDF reports that can be generated based on numerous options such as dates, durations, customers, products, status and even daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly. All these options provide you with a means of transparency where you can share these reports easily via emails.

More Efficient & Cost Effective

The system also provides means to perform operations such as the management of orders, customers, products, stock and users easily via the interface. This reduces the need to lengthy and time-consuming paperwork and makes the entire system much more efficient and cost effective. Your staff can be easily trained to operate the system and the multi-language support only makes it that much more accessible and easy to use.