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online documents management system

why orgnizations and corporates need odms

Whether electronically or manually, managing business information is the most crucial task a company are to execute productively to uphold company’s data but sometimes for several causes, can be a challenging as well especially for small medium enterprises where the resources are fewer. For this significant reason WEBLOGY introduces an online document management system with immersed solution that allows user to store, manage and retrieve documents digitally that is easy to access remotely 24/7 around the world.

A well-organized system of managing document is the most significant asset to optimize business processes, reducing the risks and working costs. ODMS is an online web application- a flexible and cost effective way to manage all records through which information can be made universally available to everyone.

This software application encompasses a web-based user interface that executes operations including file sharing, setting security rules, searching and reviewing enterprise records and registers. By using online document management system, users can easily communicate and collaborate with one another. Furthermore, the flow of documents through the business cycle can be tracked and managed, from sharing and collaboration, through approval, to reviews and revisions with retrieval capabilities.

A Web Based Interface

WEBLOGY has designed the customized web interface that allows direct access to documents by firm employees and anyone outside the firm who is following a case and needs additional documentation – at any time and from any place. You can search your documents using keywords or content with its simplicity in both data entry and document retrieval. It does not require a large workstation. The system can easily be accessible through normal browser from any PC all you need is to authenticate yourself u can easily use it electronically.

Advantages of Online Document Management System

Boosted Confidence

People concern more about data confidentiality, when it comes to security with online document management system. However, through an authentic account system it is now easily approachable for client to securely upload, manage, edit, view and control his sensitive data and information more confidently using secured individual account with distinct password that ensures safekeeping of files from unwelcomed people. It also supports control privileged access to your company’s data stays under control. The system logs every request of user login and document access.

Centralized Document Platform

Online document based system is centralized, web-based server that automates and strengthens organization. Moreover, if the client or organization is from another country so it is quite time consuming to send or receive data from them also bears courier cost and time thus delaying the services. ODMS directly connect client’s documents and invoices without any barrier that significantly improves efficiency and saves time and money.

Moderate Paper Work and Storage

The most essential element to record documents is paper. By switching to electronic document management it is easier for user to save money in ordering paper. The safe keeping of huge documents requires necessarily large places to keep them. By online document management system, enormous amount of data can be saved digitally at one place with no protection and storage issue. from the filing to the distribution levels, sharing files digitally or accessing them through the system is far cheaper than paper. It will also contribute to eco-friendly nature through reducing paper waste.

Reduce Firms Cost

The document recording and keeping requires massive time and human efforts that increases human resource cost for proper management. ODMS reduces firms cost that is added during manually data compliment. . Both money and space is saved as there is no need for capital to set up a warehouse or a small office to physically store records.

Better Integration for Better Organization

An Online data management provides seamless information reducing redundancy with allocating multiple tags, categories, folders, meta data and division and subdivision to naming the files and documents that can easily be yield in few second through searching results which enables firms to access and integrate documents when needed that make them proactive for better organizational management more efficiently managed business and more effective protection of data.

Data Backup

The incident can happen anytime. Paper documents take lots of space and regrettably are ruined by fire or flood. To mitigate those risks it is better to save documents electronically for anytime or anywhere you need to soothes your workflow.

Industry Where Applicable

Accountancy Firm

Through the integration of ODMS the firm can secure their documents with customized online web application. They can store their bank statement, adjustments to a company's book balance of cash, cash register tape of sale transaction, sales orders, credit card receipt, packing slip, supplier and customer invoices records, Lockbox check images that support the recordation of cash receipts from customers and other records which evidence a financial transaction, such as debit/credit memos, invoices, receipts, orders, vouchers. Firm can individually make different accounts for all their customers with easy access over personal secured password where client can updates their invoices, sale orders and all related information that he requires to maintain his documentation. It improves the efficiency of invoice approval and management and allows users to import vendors, invoices, and checks.

Law & Solicitors Firm

It is an intelligent instance system and a platform for online delivery of self-assemble documents direct to clients so that information can be shared, reused and recovered. With ODMS all your documents are stored in a fully searchable, central web-based depository so your contract data is always at your fingertips where you can automate legal document drafting. The establishment of this web server driven to make lawyers’ jobs better so they can focus more on legal work and less on paperwork. File storage and quick retrieval of the documents required are the two main challenges of document management in the legal field, through the integration of ODMS a firm can easies their working functions, creation and handling of case files, storage of case files, easy access to each lawsuit’s documentation, link data files to create larger case records, convert hard copy documents to searchable digital files using a scanner, handled documents and client’s Information thus improves management processes, production, handling, and consultation of case files.

Educational & Training Institutions:

Producing copies of multiple documents requires a copier, reams of paper, and time. It is an easy approach for institutions to protect their examination papers of all courses related to any field at one place. They can give their faculties their own personal account where they can manage all documents from student’s papers to grade results, quizzes, assignments or even lectures which they are to convey. With this online web application they can easy get their notes and lecture on hands remotely whenever they want. Institutions all track their faculty documents, pay salaries records, personal and experience data through integration with complied file of each account of teachers. They can also manages minutes of meeting documents for faculty, research development or any manners of meeting to make pleased hours in proper management.

Human Resource Management Firm

Practicing HR activities via online document management system can help firms to easily check and manage all their employees’ history, job descriptions written statement of duties, responsibilities, training & development documentations and salary information. They can store employment contract agreement that includes non-compete, confidentiality, and defamation clauses and other key terms of the employment relationship. they can store employee handbook related to programs, and policies and procedures that a firm can use to protect themselves from lawsuits, such as wrongful termination claims, hiring processes, curriculums, tracking applicants and other additional standardized resources such as forms, manager guides, and spreadsheets. Access to the software is password protected, enhancing the security of your human resources records where essential information is securely tracked. Human resources files are safe, secure, and highly organized manages resumes, applications, reports, references, fingerprint records, interview records, payroll records, united way forms, evaluations, pay increases, disciplinary records, audits, recognitions, vacation requests, workers comp records, attendance policy, resignation letters, employee data & reporting. Over these recording, maintaining and reporting on employee data, firm can quickly access employee information which helps to make informed HR decisions.

Consulting & Insurance

ODMS can help in maintain documentations online for every individual insurance policy with individual clients. You can store all relevant data and informative documentation of business notes, mortgages, securities, customer contact details and insurances. In many cases, policies are copied and passed around, stored in a file folder, shoved in a drawer, filed in a binder, and rarely handy when they are needed. Keeping bank procedures standardized is difficult when employees are required to retain a file of their own. By streamlining document imaging, dating, and storing in a highly organized, easy to access file, your financial institution is helping to insure banking compliance standards while encouraging employees to follow specified policies. This software allows the user to maintain transaction data on securities and produce reports, tracking security dates, amounts, and rate information, maintaining transaction history on all your securities. If the item has been pledged, you can image your pledge agreement along with the security, and have both bank documents viewable in the same file. This software permits easy access and updates to procedures, helping to insure your organization’s procedures meet federal guidelines.